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Management Fest

Management Fest

1). 50 KA FUNDA

1. Each team consists of 5 members.

2. Each team would be given Rs. 50 and a duration of 30 mins.

3. To maintain the spirit of the game, the wallet/money purse(s) of the team members would be in the custody of the organizers till the end of the game.

4. Teams can roam around the campus freely and use the available resources to design their product/service and make profits.

5. The team which comes up with the highest profit in the given time will be declared the winner.

6. Any team indulging in borrowing/stealing of money or any other malpractice will be disqualified from the event.


2). Ad MAD

1. Participants will have to pick a chit which will contain the name of product/service. 

2. They will be given 5 minutes of time to understand the topic and act accordingly.

3. Usage of mobiles/laptops is allowed.

4. They will be given 20 minutes time to come up with a creative advertisement in the form of a video clip/Ad Print Poster.

5. Each participant gets 2 minutes to present the ad.

6. The participant who comes up with the most creative ad will be declared the winner.